Summer Infant Secure Surround Play Safe Play Yard

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Brand Name Summer Infant
Model 7240
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Summer Infant premium gates provide innovative solutions to help create a safe environment in your home for babies and pets. Summer Infant gates are tested to the highest standards and are JPMA certified. Each gate has been designed with integrity and ingenuity, to provide a gate that is both easy to use and simple to install. Whether you need a gate for use between rooms, top or stairs, wide openings, or a free standing playard, Summer Infant’s range of safety gates provides a solution for every need.

  • Freestanding and portable for use inside or outdoors
  • 18.5 square foot playard, stands tall at 30 inches
  • Walk-thru door for easy access
  • Lightweight plastic, portable with carry handle
  • Neutral colors blend with home’s décor

Six panels

Six panels provide an inside space of 18.5 square feet to keep your children or small pets safe.

carry handle

The included carry handle makes the PlaySafe Playard ideal to tote anywhere!

Made from safe, weatherproof materials, the PlaySafe Playard can be used inside or out!

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 Customer Reviews

Expandable, Buy 2 Sets! Great for Dogs
We have used this play yard for over 2 years. We are using two of them together. Our dogs were trained to respect baby gates in the doorways of our home and do not attempt to leave the play yard. Our dogs stay in our cool garage during the day while we are at work. We take it when we travel with the dogs. It is great for hotel rooms or grandma's living room. We have even used it outdoors when visiting family members without a fenced yard. This year we used one around our Christmas tree after one of our dogs ate a Christmas ornament and had to be rushed to the veterinarian. We eventually broke the latch when we tried to force it closed in the wrong position. We are using a large twisty-tie to hold it close on one end now. This play yard is a few inches taller than another one sold here. We chose this one for the height. We have no complaints. It is easy to scrub with a soapy brush and rinse off with a hose.tuckychicken
Perfect for my Puppies
While potty training the puppies, we keep their kennel inside this play yard. They are in kennel when we leave the house and allowed into play yard when we are home. It fits right in the family room where we can watch them. After 2-3 months, they are trained and the play yard is put away until............. the next liter of American Hairless Terriers arrive!!PaniniChowder

It works very well. I bought this play yard because it was a little higher than the other ones I saw online and my 15 month grandson is a climber- stacks anything, especially toys, he can to get higher. The gate is easy to open for me, hard for the 7 & 8 year old and impossible for the 3 year old. My grandson does move the playyard around from the inside; he will move it 4 or 5 feet one way or the other in the front room (hardwood floors.) But it is fine, he can move the whole playyard over to see his momma on the couch or move the playyard over to his daddy who is working on the computer. The whole unit is easy to fold up and move to the outside where I put it on a tarp, to keep him out of the dirt. (It is light enough to move easily.) There are extra panels available which I may get in the future to make it bigger.grandmaJhelping
Super Product for Versatile Safety!
We use this at the foot of our spiral staircase in a 4 panel surround set up. If used for a larger play area it is really simple to swap in the extra panels. The "door" is hard for a little one to operate and sticks even for an adult (takes 2 hands or a hand and a foot!), but it is safe and that's what counts. We picked this gate because it is extra tall, so that even our 3 year old can't climb it. I think it is like 3-4 inches taller than all the others out there. All in all a good product and the price is right!Copswifey
More useful than imagined
The yard set up straight from the box within 30 secs. Not only does my 11 month old granddaughter love the freedom inside, she can hang on to the sides and walk around the yard. It is so stable. The yard also doubles as a new puppy pen. We can see so many uses for the summer. The play yard came the day it was promised (less than a week) and the quality was exactly what we were hoping for, strong light weight plastic panels.ceejay1952
Puppy Potty Training Aid
Purchased this to block off a carpeted area that does not have a conventional doorway while potty training a puppy. Light, attractive, and durable "fencing" can be moved to different areas of the house so that puppy can be with family rather than caged by herself. Can also use for grandchildren inside and outside to keep them safe. Very pleased with this product. No assembly required; and product comes with a convenient carry handle for travel! Super-fast delivery.Dee
Great way to keep little one safe/out of trouble
I bought two of these sets and put them together to give my son a huge play area where he could play in peace and not have to worry about getting into things he shouldn't be getting into. Outlets have plastic plugs in them to keep his fingers out but i put the "walls" far enough from the "real" walls so that he can't get at anything just to be double safe. The door is fantastic for enabling easy in/out of adults while keeping the little guy safely inside. He is just starting to stand and hasn't used the walls yet to pull himself up...I will watch carefully to see how the walls do - not entirely sure they won't collapse. But very happy with the purchase so far - with all the space plus toys we can fit inside it's like his own little world in there and he loves it!GES74
Tucker and Riley are Safe!
We use this safety playsystem to span our driveway and keep or 2 beloved golden retreivers from getting near the street when they are playing in our yard. It is lightweight but sturdy enough to put up and collapse when we must move our cars out of the garage.Tucker and Riley's MOM
Not the quality I expected
First of all, it took five days to arrive (was supposed to arrrive in two days and I was really pressed for time). It was very warped when taken out of the box and has only gotten worse in the two weeks I have had it. It does contain my dogs but it is hard to open and close the gate. I would not order this again. If I hadn't needed it so desperately at the time, I would have returned it. Walmart did issue a five dollar eGift card due to the fact that they did not deliver on time.Pamela
Plastic is very thin. For babies learning to stand by holding on to sides, the little holes actually have sharpish edges - that's how thin. The corners have knobs for loosening/tightening once you've found the angles you desire, but there are only knobs on one end (the top). The bottom corners were either stuck at an undesirable angle, or were loose and wouldn't stay at the angle you desired - further contributing to the instability of the playard.Sarah

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