Joovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in Gray

Brand Name Joovy
Model 7069
Rating ★★★★★ 
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You Coo, You Snooze Playpens aren’t pretty, and bassinets don’t last, so Joovy decided to make them both better at the same time. Meet the Coo — a portable bassinet, playpen, and rocker all in one that’s as safe as it is stylish. Better Looking Baby Gear Because it’s still your house, for crying out loud. The Coo does everything it’s supposed to, and still looks stylish in any space. Oh-So-Portable The Coo folds down flat and stores in its carrying bag when not in use in just two easy steps — no need to remove the mattress. Newborn-Ready The top half of the Coo functions as a bassinet for babies up to 15 lbs. Once they start pushing up on their hands and knees, it’s time to switch to the playpen. Rock and Roll (But Not All Night) Sometimes, your arms just need a break. Flip the rocking rod on the Coo over to gently rock baby to sleep. Built-In Storage While you’re using the bassinet portion of the Coo, you can unzip the side panel of the lower portion and use it to store diapers, blankets, and anything else you need for baby. Perfect for Room-Sharing Smaller than a crib, so it’s more practical to have bedside, the Coo is great for parents sharing a room with their baby. Ready-to-Use Playpen When your baby outgrows the bassinet, just unzip the top portion of the Coo and move the mattress to the lower level to turn it into a playpen, safe for children up to 35” tall. Breathable and Newborn-Ready With breathable mesh fabric, the Coo is safe for newborns, and makes it easier to keep an eye on your baby. Easy Cleanup When things get messy, don’t sweat it — the Coo’s mattress cover is removable and 100% machine washable. Zero Flame Retardant Chemicals Safety tested by our team to be 100% flame retardant chemical free — because what your baby sleeps on matters.

Joovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in GrayJoovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in Gray
Joovy® Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen in Gray
Coo Portable Bassinet Playpen Folds flat for travel and storage Great for small spaces Perfect for room sharing families Use it longer — goes from bassinet to playpen with a zipper Convenient under-bassinet storage Machine-washable mattress cover 100% see-through and breathable Rocks or stays put, you choose Easy two-step fold Comes with travel bag, mattress, and mattress cover
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 Customer Reviews

Perfect for Travel & a Safe Sleep Spot for Home
When we found out we would soon have two under two, I knew I need to figure out a safe place for the new baby to lay on our first floor (where his very excited big brother couldn't accidentally hurt him). The Coo was PERFECT for that. It not only is a breeze to set up, but it was sturdy enough that I didn't have to stress about his brother accidentally knocking it over. We also realized the first time we went out of town that it was the perfect travel bassinet! It folds down totally flat, which makes it easy to pack in the car. We love the Coo! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]simplysiobhan
We ALL love it!
I am not sure who likes this playard the most between me, my husband or the baby.
On a Saturday morning, my husband grabbed his tools and coffee gearing up to put the playard together. In less than 10 minutes, he had the playard setup (he set it up, broke it down and setup it up again). He was so impressed by the design and ease at which it could be setup and folded away. He is an architect; and he is convinced that an architect HAD to have designed this (we have a small wager so joovy team let me know if he's wrong). At least once a week (and I am not exaggerating), he comments on how well designed or how nice the playard looks. He also loves how it can easily be converted into a rocker.

As for my baby girl, we had another bassinet that we used for my toddler. Unfortunately, for us, my baby girl would not sleep in it. Unless she was very very deep in sleep, she would wake up and fuss until we picked her up. However, she LOVES this playard/bassinet. It provides ample room, and she allows us to put her in there even when she is not asleep!!!

As for me, I love it for all the reasons my hubby and baby girl love it. I also like how nice it looks and the storage component. I also love the fact that it is so easy to travel with. Joovy you're so groovy!HappyMomma
Love the size!
The instant we put our 1 month old in this bassinet she loved it. She fell asleep instantly. You can sit this bassinet flat or set it to a rocking motion. Our baby falls asleep a lot easier while rocking her so this was perfect. We also own a Halo bassinet but she falls asleep quicker in this one. Also love the small size and instant pop up. You can also fold this bassinet in seconds and take whatever you want in a handy bag included. The modern look of this bassinet makes several other bassinets out there look old. Overall we like that it's not bulky and can rock our baby to sleep with ease.Will