Graco® Quick Connect Playard Sheets, Layne

Brand Name Graco
Model AP67LYE
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Using Graco Quick Connect (TM) playard sheets creates a comfy, clean and fresh environment for baby to rest or play.

Graco® Quick Connect Playard Sheets, Layne
Graco® Quick Connect Playard Sheets, Layne
Quick Connect Playard Fitted SheetMachine washable and dryer safeSnugFit pockets
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 Customer Reviews

The sheet covers up the tabs/snaps
The sheet covers up the tabs/snaps and makes it very difficult to pull the tab through the hole. The sheet must be put on the mattress first. You cannot put the sheet on the mattress after the mattress is installed in the pack n play Quick Connect. I had to sew pieces of elastic onto each snap/tab, insert the elastic into the holes, lay the mattress flat and then pull the tabs through the holes by the elastic extensions and fasten the snaps. A very poor design by Graco.mls542
Graco sheet
As great as the price is for this sheet it sadly didn't fit. I specifically bought it because my child's pack n play is a graco. It doesn't fit right. It's too tight and bunches up the pad. It just needed that extra inch to fit right.
Better off just using a crib sheet.M1618
Correct size, but can't secure mattress
Correct size for the QUICK CONNECT line of pack n plays (Different style pack n plays have different size mattresses), but that's it for the positive. On the underside the lip of the sheet completely covers every single strap that you're supposed to use to secure the mattress to the play-yard. So, in order to safely use my pack n play (properly secure the mattress) I will need to cut holes for the two Velcro straps and the 4 snap straps.
I could understand if this was a random brand, but Graco should make their own sheets compatible with the proper use of their products - not have it prevent you from following THEIR directions for securing the mattress. Time to cut some holes in this thing and I guess reinforce them with iron-on patches. Very disappointing and inconvenient.Jay

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