Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard


Lots of parents are worried that their babies won’t have suitable place where they can play comfortably and safely. Although there’re many playpens for babies available in the market, not all of them are sturdy and safe enough. Parents often find out that the playpens aren’t very comfortable so their babies will often cry or nag all the time. But when parents have Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard at home, they can be sure that their babies will have fun playing times. They also don’t need to worry about security and safety feature because this device is the best in its line.

Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard Features :
When parents want to make sure that their babies will have fun in protected playpen, they will make sure that they’ve chosen the right playpens for babies. Well, if they choose Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard, they’ve made the right decision because the playpens for babies will benefit them greatly. Here’re the Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard features

  • The playpen is made of sturdy and strong material. Since it’s made of good quality metal frame, parents won’t need to worry about their babies’ safety. The playpen won’t experience sudden collapse or fall that may harm and then injure the babies.
  • It’s also equipped with wheels so it can move freely and easily. Parents won’t need to worry about moving the playpen here and there.
  • It comes along with additional carrying bag, which is also equipped with comfortable shoulder strap that won’t put heavy burden on the shoulder. The bag is also easy and fast to fold and then set up.
  • It comes with fitted sheet mattress made of cotton so it’s really comfy and soft. Babies won’t experience rash or irritation.
  • The space for playing is roomy enough for the babies to play by themselves. They can explore everything. They can crawl around if they want to. And if they fall asleep when they’re tired exploring the playpen, they can instantly take a nap on the mattress comfortably.
  • The design is modern and cute.

Product Dimensions : 41.9 x 31 x 39.8 inches ; 30.9 pounds.

Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard Review :
Lots of parents give positive review about the Joovy Room2 Portable Play Yard because their babies can play freely and comfortably. The gym mats provide good educational way for babies so that they can develop their motoric skills and train their muscle strength while playing. With sturdy and strong stricture and design, most parents are satisfied with the playpen performance because they won’t need to worry about their babies’ safety anymore.

Their children also seem to enjoy themselves while playing. Although they’re being surrounded, they’re not feeling confined, thanks to the large mesh windows. The playpen looks simple and elegant without too many details and decorations. The playpen is also stable and strong. With padded board and soft and also thick mattress, children can have fun playing around and parents can ease off their worry. It’s a worthy spending and no parents ever regret buying one.