Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard

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Brand Name Delta Children
Model 36002-302
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Parents are often confused of what they should do when they want their babies to have fun. They’re afraid to put the babies on the floor or outside playground because the surrounding environment might not be suitable for babies to play. But when they have Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard at home, they can rest assured that their babies can have fun while being protected and safe all the time. When having these kinds of playpens for babies, parents won’t need to worry about their babies’ safety anymore.

Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard Features :

When parents want to decide a safe playground that is adorable and cute, they can always buy the Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard. Not only this playpen is cute in design, its’ also soft, comfy, and protective. When parents have these kinds of playpens for babies at home, they can be sure that they’ll get lots of benefits.

  • The design is colorful and cute. With bright and catchy colors, babies will surely have fun playing in it.
  • The frame is sturdy and tough because it’s made of metal. Parents won’t need to worry that their children may fall or the playpen structure will collapse on their children because the sturdy frame will keep everything intact.
  • The fabric is soft and comfy. In case the babies fall asleep after they’re tired playing, they can always take a nap in it. After all, it’s soft and cuddly.
  • Parents can take the playpen with them everywhere they go because it’s foldable and easy to assemble. It also comes with traveling bags, so parents can take this device around without much hassle.
  • The design and pattern are cute with printed characters mesh, making babies want to know and explore more.
  • Since it comes with JPMA certificate, it means that the device is safe to use.

Product Dimensions : 38.5 x 38.5 x 28 inches ; 26.5 pounds.

Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard Review :

Lots of parents like having this Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard at home because their babies are able play and explore everything on their own. The 36 x 36-inch space provides enough space for babies to crawl and explore their surroundings. The cute design and bright color seem to intrigue the babies’ curiosity. They get to learn about colors and recognize the patterns. Other things parents like are that the playpen is foldable so they can carry the device around. When they visit their friends, for example, they can set up the playpen and let the babies play so they won’t cry from boredom. The playpen is also sturdy and tough so parents aren’t worried that the playpen might fall and hit their babies. Such thing will never happen.

Despite all the benefits, some parents dislike the weight because they think it’s too heavy. Sure, they can carry it around but they won’t do it unless it’s very urgent and important. Nevertheless, they say that the playpen is a worthy investment and they like having it, as long as they just use it at home and they don’t have to carry it around.

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 Customer Reviews

Just what I was looking for.
After I put it together and took it down, I thought I would time myself to see how long it actually took me to do that. Keep in mind this is only the second time I have done this & I am 5'2" & 61yr old Grandma. It took me six minutes to put together and 6 minutes to take down which included putting it back in the bag The hardest part was getting the Velcro straps through the bottom opening to secure the mat to the bottom so the mat wouldn't slide around. The mat isn't very soft for sleeping on, so I went to a fabric store and purchased a 2-inch thick foam to fit and made a slipcover/pillowcase to cover it. Then I purchased a play yard sheet to match the giraffe & elephant design. The foam padding can be folded and stored and used if the little ones will be sleeping in the play yard. Otherwise the pad that came with it is perfect for sitting & standing on. The play yard was much bigger than I had imagined so that was a pleasant surprise. However when its folded and ready for transport it doesn't seem that big. Great for travel. PS - www.sheetworld has a large selection of sheets to fit this play yard.BINGHAMSNANA
Better than Graco totbloc
Better design and more durable than the square play yard by Graco, the totbloc. Also the bottom is more supportive and the mat stronger and with more padded than the Graco. I had the Graco and the bottom pad easily warped. I got this Delta to replace it since it cost less and to my surprise I prefer it to the Graco all around.MamaLeahX5
Great play yard to last a long time!
This play yard is a great product and seems to be built to last a long time! My mom had bought this play yard for my daughter after she had seen it online. We had been choosing between this and some Graco pack and plays and ultimately decided on this one. This play yard is very durable and sturdy, which is wonderful for when my baby gets to be bigger. The designs are so cute and I love the fun colors. The mat isn't too thin like I have seen most of the pack and plays have. The only two bad things about this play yard is how heavy it is and how hard it can be to put together and take apart. It weighs about 25-30 pounds, and can be a bit bulky to carry and put together for someone who is my size. I am 5'3" and had a difficult time trying to hold it all together to fit it in the carry along bag it comes with. Other than that, it is awesome and I would recommend it! It seems to be well worth the money spent if it lasts longer than others. If you want something that will last from when they are a newborn to a few years old, this is the one to get!Mommylove429
I needed a play pen for my grandsons
The is a great product! I opened the box and had it set up in about 10 mins. My grandsons love the pictures of the animals! It is very sturdy. A little heavy, but that is what makes it well made and sturdy. I am a grandma so it is to be expected that it would be a little heavy! It is very well made and easy to put up and take down every day when my grandsons come over and go home. I would defiantly recommend this to everyone!dlyinaz
Well built and safe.
This playpen is well built and safe. It is heavy and until you get the hang of opening and closing, it can be a bit frustrating but well worth learning how to work it. Picture an open umbrella without the handle laying face down. You grab the center hub and pull. The legs fold up and the mat is wrapped around the legs and fits into a carrying case. Opening works in reverse by pushing down on the center hub after locking the legs. It is colorful, well-padded and up off the floor. For those of us who are vertically challenged, it can be a bit of standing on your tip toes but once the baby begins standing that should disappear. It is large enough a child could use it well into the 3's and maybe even the 4's if you could keep them in it. Should last through a number of children. Good buy.GreatGran2014
Love the play yard!!
I bought this play yard for my 6 month old grandson and he absolutely LOVES it. The pictures on the side and the pad are very entertaining to him, he try's to grab the animal pictures on the pad. It is so cute. I'm very happy with my purchase and the quality is great. I highly recommend this play yard.1Gramms
Very spacious & just what I was looking for
I have twin grandbabies & wanted something that both of them can fit into. I didn't need all of the extra items that come with some of the smaller portable playpens/cribs/pack n play's. This seems to be the perfect solution & is still portable with a bag for everything to fit into. Most of the other products like this are half as wide as this one. So far it seems to be working great for what I need. It seems to be very sturdy & looks adorable just like the pic on the box. I think it will work well for them & give them plenty of room to grow, too. One tip is that it won't fit through a doorway while unfolded...but that's to be expected due to it's promised sized. I only gave it one less star for an overall rating & one less on the durability scale because we'll have to see how it holds up after more use. :-) I feel this is a great buy at this time, though. I would highly recommend it.DontLikeShoppingLoveValue
Colorful and Spacious playard
I bought this play pen for my 7 month old daughter, and I love the colors and the animal pictures on every side, it is something that can be used both girl or boy. It has a lot of room for my baby to play in, compare to other play pens I've seen in stores. The material appears very durable, although I have only had it for a month I am pretty sure it will last a long time. The mattress pad is removal so it is easier to clean it. The only negative thing I can say about it is that it is way too heavy than what I thought it would be, and it is too bad that it doesn't have wheels so it is impossible for me to carry it around on my own.Vicky1412
Good playpen when they are hard to find
The 6 mth old baby loves rolling around in it. Its roomy, comfortable, sturdy, colorful and easy to pack up and move. This allows the mother to put her baby down to play and go about the things she has to do without worry. Price was right, and was delivered 2 days sooner than expected. Can't be beat!!!Winnamucca
Great play yard
I brought this play yard for my grand-daughter to use when she comes to visit and stay over night. I've had it for a week and my grand-daughter used it this past weekend and love it! She wanted to get in the play yard and played with her toys and slept. The play yard is very sturdy and colorful and easy to put together. My daughter-in-law and son approved as well.

There are two things that could be better. The pad should be a little thicker and when you break down the play yard you have to be sure to click each side twice to fold it up. Otherwise
you cannot break it down. Not a major problem, just a wish and an observation.

I am happy with my purchase and I feel comfortable that my grand-daughter loves it too!
Thanks to all who wrote reviews so I could make an inform decision.


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