Baby Trend Deluxe Playard

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Brand Name Baby Trend
Model 8274BCC
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Baby Trend is one of the world wide leaders in playpens for babies. The Baby Trend Deluxe Playard is the perfect solution for today’s busy parent. It is attractive and versatile, and has everything mom and dad need at the tip of their fingers. It has an electronic sounds and music center, parent organizer, full canopy with play mobile, bassinet, changing table, and a soothing vibration feature that babies love. It also features the Baby Trend Close and Cozy portable and freestanding bassinet.

This playpen was earned an incredible 4 ½ star rating by customers. None of the customers who reviewed this product gave it a rating lower than four stars and over 2/3rd of the reviews gave this playpen a five star rating.

Baby Trend Deluxe Playard Features

  • Removable full size bassinet and canopy.  Flip away changing table.
  • Electronic nightlight, vibration, two styles of music, nature sounds, and an iPod / MP3 input.
  • One hand locking mechanism.  This playpen is easy to fold and comes with a travel tote bag.
  • Large wheels with brakes for mobility and safety.
  • Recommended for use from birth to 30 pounds or 35 inches.
  • Deluxe parent organizer and diaper stacker
  • Sturdy stain resistant plastic and mesh is easy to clean.

Baby Trend Deluxe Playard Reviews

With a 4 ½ star rating, the customer reviews are understandably outstanding. Not a single person who reviewed this product gave it a negative rating.  All ratings are either four or five stars.

Criticisms are hard to find for this playpen. One reviewer who gave the Playard a four star rating noted that the changing station is not machine washable and must be cleaned by hand. Another didn’t like the quality of the music, and a couple of users were a bit put off that the nature sounds change every 30 to 60 seconds. Another had a little trouble buttoning the canopy together.

Otherwise, purchasers are absolutely thrilled with this product. It is incredibly convenient, and the parent organizer for storing diapers and other necessity is an enormous hit. Even the dads love this playpen, with one wanting to buy a second to put in the master bedroom for midnight diaper changes. This playpen is also very portable. One user took it on a vacation and set it up in the hotel room in 5 to 10 minutes. The mobile is intelligently placed to keep a baby occupied while being changed.

Although more expensive than the typical playpen, this one is well worth the money. The electronic sounds center even includes the ability to record your own voice to play back for the baby, which is a fantastic help for the babysitter. The colors are striking, yet gender neutral.


Of all the playpens for babies that are currently on the market, the Baby Trend Deluxe Playard is perhaps the most impressive and technologically advanced. It is convenient for homeowners as well as for apartment living. It is lightweight and easily movable, yet the wheel brakes keep it safe.  This product gets an extremely high recommendation.

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 Customer Reviews

Love the baby play set
We are new grandparents and will babysit from time to time. We love it. It has the basset and changing table and storage as well as music and it vibrates. We love it. It is a little hard to break down to store.Angela
Great Item
I am so glad I ordered this item. it is everything I expected and more. right now my grandbaby is only 4 months old and she loves to go to sleep in it. the music and vibration helps her get to sleep and stay sleep. it was also easy for me to put together once I got the idea of turning the lock handle to unlock and pulling straight up to lock it. Just remember to start from the beginning if one of the sides don't stay up.Yvetta
Worth it and more
Well I literally read through about every review on here before purchasing so I thought I'd make my own helpful review. This play yard is awesome. I haven't got to use it but I definitely wish I had it with my first child . This is a great choice especially if you don't have much room. First off it was fairly simple to put together even being 36 weeks pregnant. The color is actually really nice which was one thing I was worried about. I heard mixed reviews that some came with a mobile but mine didnt. Its fine though, the giraffes are really cute. The mattress pad is actually softer than I expected although I did still order the Graco Dream On Me 3" Foam mattress to add a little cushion but youdon't really NEED it. The music box is awesome and thr volume cam be adjusted slightly. The vibration however you can't really feel. I have yet to use the changing table but it seems pretty sturdy to me. All in all, this was an awesome purchase and I'd definitely recommend it.laylasmama28
Great Play Yard System!! Love It Love It Love It!!
I purchased this play yard system for my grandson at birth to use when he visits with me. I must say that it is better than I expected especially for the price. It has all the bells and whistles including music, nightlight and vibrating features. My grandson is now 1 year old and I still use it for him to sleep and play in when he visits which is about 3 nights a week since birth. This was one of the best purchases I made!! Great product and sturdy!!SJC329
The Best Playard Out There!!!
Initially setup did take awhile, but now I can set this up in 15 minutes or less. I love everything about this playard. I love that there are support bars so the mattress doesn't sag in the middle. I looked at alot of different playards and noticed that many of them sagged in the middle due to a lack of support. I love the vibration, nite lite feature as well as the voice recorder where you can record up to 10 seconds. I wanted the very best for my grandson and that is why I bought a Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center. You can't beat the price on this either!!!LuvyJesus
Awesome pack and play!!
Take it from me and dont try to assemble this without reading the directions first, otherwise you are going to get super frustrated! After reading the directions and finally putting it together, i LOVE this pack and play! It has all the features i was looking for including the bassinet, canopy,changing table,organizer, and music box. What i especially like is that you are able to record your own music or sayings and hook up your MP3 player to the music box. It also has a night light and vibrations. This pack and play has pretty much everything you are looking for at a awesome price!Mommyof3boysinflorida
Great Value for the Price!
Love this crib! The picture really doesn't do it justice. It's neutral enough to look good in my home, can be for a boy or girl. Very cute giraffe's on the mattress that can't be seen in the picture.

Can't stress enough that you really need to read the directions when you are putting it together!! I'm horrible at that and ended up having about 45 minutes in assembly.

Very sturdy and well made. We compared several before deciding on this one. I didn't have room for a full size crib for my granddaughter, but this will work for quite some time. The music is a bit loud but doesn't seem to be a problem.CherieB45
Has met my expectations so far
I just wanted to post a picture of what the playpen really looks like. I received a beige, tan, and black one. Colors differ from the picture above. I still like the play pen...haven't used it yet, baby isn't due for another few days. But it's spacey and sturdy so far.smile88
Everything you need plus more
I like that you are able to make it a bassinet by being able to put the mattress up high or down low, only problem is that the mattress is uncomfortable, it feels hard and with only a bit of cushion so I would advise to buy something to fix that. I also like that you can slide the canopy away and flip away the changing table. Their are 5 compartments, 4 are on the side (the diaper compartment, one for wipes, and 2 besides the wipes) the other one is a big one in the front of the play yard. I also was surprised to find a device that has a night light, classical music options and small children musical options, nature sounds option, and the option to vibrate to shake the play yard a bit! (Needs 4AA batteries and a screwdriver to put batteries). The play yard also comes with wheels on one side to move it very easily.
Only downer again is the hard mattress and I wish they had different, brighter color options.Alexandra
Not what I was expecting. If you want to use this as a crib you have to purchase a mattress. Its difficult to put together. The directions are horrible. Im keeping it because it together but if I new how hard it would be to assemble I would have purchased a different brand.margaret

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