Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard

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Parents are often confused of what they should do when they want their babies to have fun. They’re afraid to put the babies on the floor or outside playground because the surrounding environment might not be suitable for babies to play. But when they have Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard at home, they can rest assured that their babies can have fun while being protected and safe all the time. When having these kinds of playpens for babies, parents won’t need to worry about their babies’ safety anymore.

Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard Features :

When parents want to decide a safe playground that is adorable and cute, they can always buy the Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard. Not only this playpen is cute in design, its’ also soft, comfy, and protective. When parents have these kinds of playpens for babies at home, they can be sure that they’ll get lots of benefits.

  • The design is colorful and cute. With bright and catchy colors, babies will surely have fun playing in it.
  • The frame is sturdy and tough because it’s made of metal. Parents won’t need to worry that their children may fall or the playpen structure will collapse on their children because the sturdy frame will keep everything intact.
  • The fabric is soft and comfy. In case the babies fall asleep after they’re tired playing, they can always take a nap in it. After all, it’s soft and cuddly.
  • Parents can take the playpen with them everywhere they go because it’s foldable and easy to assemble. It also comes with traveling bags, so parents can take this device around without much hassle.
  • The design and pattern are cute with printed characters mesh, making babies want to know and explore more.
  • Since it comes with JPMA certificate, it means that the device is safe to use.

Product Dimensions : 38.5 x 38.5 x 28 inches ; 26.5 pounds.

Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard Review :

Lots of parents like having this Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard at home because their babies are able play and explore everything on their own. The 36 x 36-inch space provides enough space for babies to crawl and explore their surroundings. The cute design and bright color seem to intrigue the babies’ curiosity. They get to learn about colors and recognize the patterns. Other things parents like are that the playpen is foldable so they can carry the device around. When they visit their friends, for example, they can set up the playpen and let the babies play so they won’t cry from boredom. The playpen is also sturdy and tough so parents aren’t worried that the playpen might fall and hit their babies. Such thing will never happen.

Despite all the benefits, some parents dislike the weight because they think it’s too heavy. Sure, they can carry it around but they won’t do it unless it’s very urgent and important. Nevertheless, they say that the playpen is a worthy investment and they like having it, as long as they just use it at home and they don’t have to carry it around.

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