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Parents are often confused of what they should do when they want their babies to have fun. They’re afraid to put the babies on the floor or outside playground because the surrounding environment might not be suitable for babies to play. But when they have Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard at home, they can rest assured that their babies can have fun while being protected and safe all the time. When having these kinds of playpens for babies, parents won’t need to worry about their babies’ safety anymore.

Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard Features :

When parents want to decide a safe playground that is adorable and cute, they can always buy the Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard. Not only this playpen is cute in design, its’ also soft, comfy, and protective. When parents have these kinds of playpens for babies at home, they can be sure that they’ll get lots of benefits.

  • The design is colorful and cute. With bright and catchy colors, babies will surely have fun playing in it.
  • The frame is sturdy and tough because it’s made of metal. Parents won’t need to worry that their children may fall or the playpen structure will collapse on their children because the sturdy frame will keep everything intact.
  • The fabric is soft and comfy. In case the babies fall asleep after they’re tired playing, they can always take a nap in it. After all, it’s soft and cuddly.
  • Parents can take the playpen with them everywhere they go because it’s foldable and easy to assemble. It also comes with traveling bags, so parents can take this device around without much hassle.
  • The design and pattern are cute with printed characters mesh, making babies want to know and explore more.
  • Since it comes with JPMA certificate, it means that the device is safe to use.

Product Dimensions : 38.5 x 38.5 x 28 inches ; 26.5 pounds.

Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard Review :

Lots of parents like having this Delta Fun Time 36 X 36″ Play Yard at home because their babies are able play and explore everything on their own. The 36 x 36-inch space provides enough space for babies to crawl and explore their surroundings. The cute design and bright color seem to intrigue the babies’ curiosity. They get to learn about colors and recognize the patterns. Other things parents like are that the playpen is foldable so they can carry the device around. When they visit their friends, for example, they can set up the playpen and let the babies play so they won’t cry from boredom. The playpen is also sturdy and tough so parents aren’t worried that the playpen might fall and hit their babies. Such thing will never happen.

Despite all the benefits, some parents dislike the weight because they think it’s too heavy. Sure, they can carry it around but they won’t do it unless it’s very urgent and important. Nevertheless, they say that the playpen is a worthy investment and they like having it, as long as they just use it at home and they don’t have to carry it around.

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 Customer Reviews

Adorable & Easy to Assemble Playard
I have had three kids and gone through six playards. I love this Delta Children 36"x 36" Playard in the "Fun in the Jungle" theme. It is very easy to assemble and has a carrying care with a handle for easy travel to grandma's house or the babysitter's house. It is also very versatile. My toddler can happily play in it, but so can our friend's newborn baby when she's over her playing while her mommy and daddy get some much needed time out alone!

There are jungle animals on the side netting and on the plush, cushy base of the playard. I love that the Velcro on the bottom of the base locks in it to place so that my over enthusiastic toddler can't rip it to pieces or throw it out when he's in the middle of a tantrum. The whole playard took less than 5 minutes to setup and less than that to break it down. I love how bright and cute the jungle animals are and how soft the padding is on the inside. The inside of the playard is square and has lots of room for baby to nap or play with toys.

It does weigh over 25 pounds so be careful when moving it around.sg871
Great space and sturdy build
What I like about this best is that this is a full sized play yard. It allows more space for baby to play, and has more space if baby naps. My granddaughter seems to spin in circles when she sleeps, and the other average play yards on the market are very confining by comparison. She is more comfortable napping in this play yard.

This play yard allows a lot of space for a toddler with toys so that you can complete your housework or other tasks without worries of your little one being underfoot or hurt, all while giving baby plenty of items for entertainment.

The fabric can be wiped down for minor spills.

This folds compactly and fits back into a travel bag with an easy carry type of handle. It is a little heavier to carry than some of the smaller models, but the space is well worth the extra weight. It stores upright very easily in the corner of our guest room closet, and does not take up much space while stored.

The cute animal designs are colorful and match nearly any decor without being overwhelming or glaring. The color design is neutral and is a good design for either gender. The little safari animals are adorable.

The mat is secured to the bottom of this play yard with Velcro. The mat stays firmly affixed to prevent any problems with little fingers prying it up. The corners are rounded plastic connectors.

The sides are very firm and will not fall with a baby leaning on them. They lock tightly into place.

When first setting this up it is very stiff and may take some extra work to snap into place, but I believe as the play yard is used this will be a more fluid process. I think the newness of the item and the way it is made to be so secure for baby is what causes the stiffness in in joints when first removed from the box.

This play yard is very sturdy, strong, and well made. I think it will last us for years to come.blalockm
Big Playard
This is a very large playard. There is plenty of room for your little one to move around in this. Setup was super easy, took less than 5 minutes to put together right out of the box. It has a lock feature, you have to lock the top bars in order for the bottom to lock into place. The playard has a jungle theme with large colorful characters on the see thru mesh. There is a lion, monkey, elephant and giraffe. The mat is a thick quality and fits snugly inside. It has velcro straps to attach it securely to the bottom of the playard. This is the largest playard that I have had, I was actually surprised at how much room there is inside. This would easily accommodate twins and allows for ample room for one. There is enough room for baby and toys without being crowded. The playard comes with a zip up storage bag with a carry handle. I found it a little difficult to fold up the playard so that it can fit in the bag. The mat is supposed to fold around the folded playard and you use the velcro starps to secure it all together. Then you slide the whole thing in the bag. It would have been much easier with 2 people so that one person can hold the folded playard legs together while the other person puts the mat around it. However I was able to do it alone but it took a little time and muscle. The bag has a handle so you can take this with you on the go, the only downside is that it is heavy to carry. Overall I was very pleased with this playard. I wish it had wheels as that would make it much easier to move around your home without having to pick it up or slide it across the floor. It will not fit through a single entry door so my guess is that is why they didn't add wheels. The jungle colors are orange, brown, yellow, red and green. The mat is bright and colorful. The outer trim on the playard is grey in color. This will make a great gift for any mommy to be. I received this item free of charge in exchange for an honest review the opinions expressed here are based on my own personal experiences with this product and are not influenced in anyway by the retailer or manufacturer.newmommy2b2daniel
Very Portable
I received this item for free in the exchange for my honest opinion. I got this item for my niece. The setup was real simple and easy. So is the take down. Therefore, transporting this playard from one place to another is real easy and simple. The playard also comes with a bag to put it in and store the playard in. It is like a backpack so therefore, when it is not in use, you can put it in the bag and store it someone in a closet. It doesn't take up a lot of space when it is in the bag either. You can either stand it up or lay it down. However, it would be great if it came with a bar to hand some toys on that the baby could reach for or like one of those mobile things but it does not have to be mobile. It can be a automatic one that you have to use your hands to turn it on your own or something. Not only that, my niece loves this playard. She can freely move around and it keeps her in one place instead of wondering where she is and what she's doing. I can keep her and all her toys in one place and continue to do what I need to do. I highly recommend this product and it also great for taking naps in as well.MizzLBC
Fun and Safe Playard
This Playard was easy to set up. All you have to do just open it up and lay the floor down inside the Playard square and secure the floor with the Velcro Straps. I like the size of this Playard. My 3 month old grandchild has plenty of room to roll around and knowing she is safe in there. The Playard is very sturdy and the most thing I like about this Playard is the see through mesh all 4 sides on the Playard. It enables me to be able to see my grand baby while sitting on the couch or working near by. It gives me a piece of mind that my grand baby can roll around safely in the Playard. Also its mobility is another reason that makes me choose this Playard.Babychick

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