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Baby Trend is one of the world wide leaders in playpens for babies. The Baby Trend Deluxe Playard is the perfect solution for today’s busy parent. It is attractive and versatile, and has everything mom and dad need at the tip of their fingers. It has an electronic sounds and music center, parent organizer, full canopy with play mobile, bassinet, changing table, and a soothing vibration feature that babies love. It also features the Baby Trend Close and Cozy portable and freestanding bassinet.

This playpen was earned an incredible 4 ½ star rating by customers. None of the customers who reviewed this product gave it a rating lower than four stars and over 2/3rd of the reviews gave this playpen a five star rating.

Baby Trend Deluxe Playard Features

  • Removable full size bassinet and canopy.  Flip away changing table.
  • Electronic nightlight, vibration, two styles of music, nature sounds, and an iPod / MP3 input.
  • One hand locking mechanism.  This playpen is easy to fold and comes with a travel tote bag.
  • Large wheels with brakes for mobility and safety.
  • Recommended for use from birth to 30 pounds or 35 inches.
  • Deluxe parent organizer and diaper stacker
  • Sturdy stain resistant plastic and mesh is easy to clean.

Baby Trend Deluxe Playard Reviews

With a 4 ½ star rating, the customer reviews are understandably outstanding. Not a single person who reviewed this product gave it a negative rating.  All ratings are either four or five stars.

Criticisms are hard to find for this playpen. One reviewer who gave the Playard a four star rating noted that the changing station is not machine washable and must be cleaned by hand. Another didn’t like the quality of the music, and a couple of users were a bit put off that the nature sounds change every 30 to 60 seconds. Another had a little trouble buttoning the canopy together.

Otherwise, purchasers are absolutely thrilled with this product. It is incredibly convenient, and the parent organizer for storing diapers and other necessity is an enormous hit. Even the dads love this playpen, with one wanting to buy a second to put in the master bedroom for midnight diaper changes. This playpen is also very portable. One user took it on a vacation and set it up in the hotel room in 5 to 10 minutes. The mobile is intelligently placed to keep a baby occupied while being changed.

Although more expensive than the typical playpen, this one is well worth the money. The electronic sounds center even includes the ability to record your own voice to play back for the baby, which is a fantastic help for the babysitter. The colors are striking, yet gender neutral.


Of all the playpens for babies that are currently on the market, the Baby Trend Deluxe Playard is perhaps the most impressive and technologically advanced. It is convenient for homeowners as well as for apartment living. It is lightweight and easily movable, yet the wheel brakes keep it safe.  This product gets an extremely high recommendation.

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