Baby Kids Playpen 8 Panel Play Center Safety Yard Pen

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This playpen is a bit more colorful than some of the other products on the market. It’s perfect for children up to 4 yrs of age. This play-pen features a picture house, ball spinners, play telephone, and a swinging hinged door with safety lock. It also has suction cups on the bottom, so if you have hardwood floors, the suction cups increase stability. The size of this playpen can increase or decrease by removing or adding panels. It also may create interest and encourage mobility for your child. Assembled dimensions: 63″ in diameter, panels: 31″ W x 23.5″ H

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 Customer Reviews

Great for Babies
Got this for our twin grand babies and it's durable thick and sturdy. Needed
something sturdy and this does the trick. They are now 7 months old and its big
enough for the both of them. They pull up on it and its nice and strong unlike
the thin plain ones that I feel would pull over with them. Being everyone said
the stickers start to peel off I just left them off and put up for when resale
later when no longer needed. I just ordered another one for my daughter to have
at her house being they are crawling and into everything. This keeps them safe. Added
a photo so you can see its big enough for both of them.Flashy2
Perfect for Crawling Babies
My son loves his new playpen! There is plenty of space for him to crawl around. It's sturdy, durable, easy to assemble, and you can change the layout of the structure. This player is heaven sent. I don't know what we would have done without it.Chris
Worked great, until...
We have 20 month old twin boys. We bought this play pen last year after reading all the great reviews on it. We liked the fact that it was colorful, easy to wipe down and clean, easy to assemble/put away and seemed well made. We have used this playpen every day since our boys were able to crawl. Now that they are 20 months and walking and in to everything, we use it mainly to block off our living room. When we want some down time and want our boys to relax a bit before bed, we put this together so they can't wander off and can sit and watch Sesame Street. Well, that was all great until it started basically falling apart and the plastic warped. Now the pegs dont want to stay in the holes and the pieces come apart way too easily and often. So easily, that our boys are able to pull the pieces apart and escape! They have also figured out how to unlock the door and open it. So, this being for children up to age 4, is a big no.twinmom
Love it. But there's room for improvement
I bought this for our newborn son. The playpen is easy to install. Very colorful, and attractive.

It would be nice though to be able to change the orientation. The gate positions are in an octagon layout. On the negative side, you still have to put the stickers on. And if you made a slightest mistake, then you just deal with it. It's OK if you're not meticulous with cosmetics and any mis-alignment. If you try peeling it so you can re-position, it will tear the design. Good thing there's an additional bear sticker.

It would've been nice if the stickers are already part of the design or have been applied upon delivery since most likely parents will still add on the stickers. That's what makes it beautiful. Otherwise, why buy something with just an outline design and leave it as is ? It just does not make any sense.

But overall, I like this playpen. I wanted to give a 4.5 stars but there's none so I left it at 4 stars.ssfuser
Super Flexibilty and sturdiness
My 7-month old grandson loves it. But I love the ability to open/close gate door for easy access
to him. It is big enough for not just the baby to play in but his 4-year old sister to sit in .with him.
It can be taken apart and readjusted to different sizes and very sturdy
My only complaint is the STICKERS do NOT stay on which I DID NOT BUY FOR THIS, ANYWAY.
His mother,my daughter, insisted on putting them on.
But when my grandson peeled one off from the inside and started putting it in his mouth, I immediately REMOVED ALL THE STICKERS.

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